We have developed the most advanced ESP filtration system available on the market with unrivalled performance, all with a fully sustainable maintenance regime.



Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits


Features & Benefits



Filter Media

Filters are manufactured from continuous length superior quality micro glass fiber paper media available in various efficiency grades. The filter media is moisture resistant and fire retardant. Anti-microbial treated papers are also available for special applications. The uniform and closed pleat filter pack grants a high crossing surface to hold the very fine dusts.

Filter Frames

The standard frame construction includes fire retardant Wood Particle Board, Galvanized steel (16,18 or 24 gauge) and anodized aluminium. High temperature versions are constructed with Stainless steel frames.

Media Seperators in EXCELAIR BIO-HEPA Filters

The pleated media is evenly and accurately positioned by corrugated aluminium separators having hemmed edges to add strength and to protect the media pack.

Filter Testing

The finished filters undergoes a thorough quality checking .They are scan tested individually to ensure a leak proof performance and each filter posses the label showing the scan test result on it. We have the testing facilities as per EN1822 and American Standard IEST-RP-CC001.3. Testing of filters can be done according to the customer’s request.

Sealant & Gaskets

The pleated media pack is encapsulated into the filter frame utilizing a two part high density fire retardant urethane elastomer. A flat profile neoprene gasket or an one-piece seamless urethane gasket is used to ensure a leak free seal to the filter housing. High temperature versions are manufactured with ceramic sealant and temperature resistant gasket.

Canister Delivery System


Canister is factory pre-filled with user-specific chemical media. Each canister is vibration filled to ensure that the media is uniformly packed. Each canister is then plastic bagged and carton packed.

Choice of Construction Materials

A wide range of construction materials is available for the canisters, including stainless steel, galvanized steel and high impact Polystyrene (HIPS). HIPS canisters can be entirely disposed-off as industrial waste. Refilling is not required. Metal canisters need to be emptied before the media can be discard- ed. Always follow the local, state or federal regulations.

Application Guide

Always use adequate prefiltration to avoid dust settling on the chemical media. This ensures optimized lifetime of the chemical filter system without increase of pressure drop. Pre-filtration should be a compact, pleated or mini-pleated filter cell.

Choice of Media

Canisters can be filled with a wide range of gas specific media or custom blends. These include standard SAAFCarbTM media or impregnated SAAFCarbTM media, For details please refer to the back side of this leaflet.

Cassette Medium Duty

High Tech Features

he SAAF Cassette Medium Duty is constructed from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and comes prefilled with SAAF chemical media. High technology design tools were employed to validate the design and confirm better performance. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and performance tests confirm optimal design. The resulting design and construction surpasses any competitor’s cassettes in the market, while allowing users a truly better design with value-enhancing features. The design retrofits easily and performs better than older legacy cassettes in existing installations.

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