What we do?

Green Crystal Ventilators

is a well-diversified trading company specializing in Restaurant Ventilation Solution with our headquarters based in central Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Our core business is the design and delivery for total kitchen ventilation solutions with our clients among the emirate’s market leading property developers, hotel groups and restaurants.

With our strong relationship and joint partnership with leading manufacturers in Europe and Australia, we the have capability to design, import, supply and distributing kitchen ventilation equipment.

Our solution to restaurant Pollution is based around the Sirius ESP delivering a complete ecology system.

More information

Our manufacturers deliver the highest quality and best performing ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator).

To supplement this, we offer Odour Neutralizers, Carbon Filtration Systems,
Kitchen Exhaust Fans, UV odour controls and kitchen hoods together with touch screen app based control systems.

We can provide complete peace of mind with technical submittals, support and commissioning to ensure your restaurant is not only designed correctly and compliant to local codes and standards, but continues to operate at the highest level for years to come.

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