We supply and export the complete range of products and accessories for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Air-conditioning and Ventilation equipment to every corner of the world.



Our Company

is dedicated to delivering clean air solutions for commercially operated.

Kitchen with tailored design systems, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

We Pride ourselves on our expertise, innovation professionalism in our work standards enabling us to meet our customer’s

expectations for quality, services and ingenuity. We value all members of our team and are committed to providing opportunities  for each employee to reach their full potential in an environmentally changing world

Who we are

One team

One Vision

About us

is a well-diversified trading company specializing in Restaurant Ventilation Solution with our headquarters based in central Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our core business is the design and delivery for total kitchen ventilation solutions with our clients among the emirate’s market leading property developers, hotel groups and restaurants.

Our Services

Site Assessment

This process typically includes a comprehensive evaluation of a location’s conditions and characteristics. Essential for case study and recommendations.

Product Installation

The final crucial step in bringing a product into functional use, ensuring it’s correctly assembled and configured to meet its intended purpose

Planing & Design

This involves a meticulous process of envisioning, strategizing, and creating a detailed roadmap to guide the project from concept to realization.

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